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Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

refers to a type of artificial intelligence that is as capable and flexible as a human in performing any intellectual task. Unlike Narrow AI (also known as Weak AI), which is designed to perform specific tasks, such as voice recognition or image analysis, AGI can theoretically understand, learn, and apply knowledge across a wide variety of tasks.

AGI can solve problems, make judgments under uncertainty, plan, learn, integrate prior knowledge in decision-making, and understand complex ideas. In other words, it exhibits intelligence comparable to that of a human being. However, as of my last update in September 2021, AGI remains largely a theoretical concept and hasn't been fully realized in practice. 

AGI links

OpenAI: openai.com
OpenAI's mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence (AGI) benefits all of humanity. They focus on long-term safety and are committed to using their influence over AGI deployment to avoid uses that could harm humanity or concentrate power unduly.

DeepMind: deepmind.com
DeepMind, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. (Google's parent company), is known for creating AI systems that can learn from their own experience. While they work on AI broadly, they are known for their work on systems that have shown human-like capabilities on tasks requiring intelligence.

SingularityNET: singularitynet.io
SingularityNET is a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol. They have a vision to democratize AI technology and have a specific focus on AGI.

Future of Life Institute: futureoflife.org
While not solely focused on AGI, the Future of Life Institute is a nonprofit organization that aims to mitigate existential risks facing humanity, particularly from advanced artificial intelligence.

MIT Intelligence Quest: quest.mit.edu
MIT Intelligence Quest seeks to discover the foundations of human and machine intelligence and drive the transformation of society.

Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI):  hai.stanford.edu
Stanford HAI focuses on advancing AI research, education, policy, and practice to improve the human condition.
Artificial General Intelligence Society: https://agi-conf.org

Artificial General Intelligence Society:  agi-conf.org
The AGI Society is dedicated to promoting the study of AGI and its advancement, hosting conferences, and publishing relevant research.

Neuralink:  neuralink.com
Neuralink, founded by Elon Musk, is developing ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces, a technology which in the future could have implications for AGI development and control.
Microsoft AI: https://www.microsoft.com/ai

xAI:  x.ai
Formation of xAI founded by Elon Musk, it's aim to understand the true nature of the universe. "We further introduced innovative techniques and analyses such as Transformer-XL, Autoformalization, the Memorizing Transformer, Batch Size Scaling, and μTransfer."

IBM is another big player in AI research, and while their main focus isn't AGI, they're involved in advancing AI technologies that could potentially contribute to the development of AGI.

  Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that focuses on creating and implementing software, hardware, and systems that can perform tasks which usually require human intelligence. These tasks can include learning from experiences (machine learning), understanding and interpreting natural language, recognizing patterns, solving complex problems, and exhibiting traits associated with human intelligence such as creativity and emotion.

AI Multimedia Tools

Image generating and editing tools 

DeepDreamGenerator (Limited Free Use): deepdreamgenerator.com - Generates images based on descriptions. 

DALL·E:  openai.com/dall-e-2 - developed by OpenAI, specifically designed to generate images from textual descriptions. This AI model is capable of creating images of objects that don't exist in the real world, making it a powerful tool for creativity and design.

Starryai : starryai.com - Generate art simply by describing what you want to see
and our Artificial Intelligence transforms your words into art.

Craiyon: craiyon.com - Create AI Art with a free AI image generator.

GANPaint Studio (Limited Free Use): ganpaint.io - This tool from MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab lets you edit images with AI, such as adding/removing objects.

Google's AutoDraw: autodraw.com - This tool guesses what you're trying to draw and provides you with auto-completions.

NightCafe Creator: creator.nightcafe.studio - An AI art generator that lets you create unique pieces from scratch or use your images.

PaintsChainer: paintschainer.preferred.tech - An online tool that colors your sketches using AI.

Lunacy by Icons8: icons8.com/lunacy - A free design software with built-in assets, and it uses AI to guess what you'll design next.

Prisma: prisma-ai.com - This mobile app uses AI to turn your photos into artwork. It's free to download with in-app purchases for premium features.

AI Video creating and editing tools

Lumen5: lumen5.com - Lumen5 uses AI to convert text into video content. The platform is popular for turning blog posts and articles into engaging videos.

Synthetic: synthetic.com - Synthetic uses AI to generate videos, including human-like avatars. It's often used for creating explainer videos, customer support videos, and more.

Magisto: magisto.com - Owned by Vimeo, Magisto uses AI to help businesses create professional-looking social videos. It takes care of video editing and production.

RawShorts: rawshorts.com - RawShorts uses AI to assist in creating explainer, promotional, and tutorial videos. You input a script, and the AI helps select appropriate graphics.

Animaker: animaker.com - While not fully AI-driven, Animaker provides an AI-powered video making and editing platform with a vast library of animated characters, properties, BGs, maps, and charts.

InVideo: invideo.io - InVideo's online video editor uses AI to streamline the video creation process, making it quicker and easier to create professional-looking videos.

Pictory: pictory.ai - Pictory uses AI to automatically extract key highlights from long videos to create short clips suitable for social media.

Runway ML: runwayml.com - Runway ML offers a suite of simple and powerful tools for creators and makers wanting to use machine learning in their video creation and editing process.

AI music tools

OpenAI MuseNet: openai.com/research/musenet - MuseNet is an AI developed by OpenAI that can generate 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments and can combine styles from country to Mozart. 

AIVA:  aiva.ai - AIVA is an AI composer that creates musical pieces used as soundtracks for film directors, advertising agencies, and even game studios.

Amper Music: ampermusic.com - Amper is an artificial intelligence composer, performer, and producer that allows you to create and customize original music without needing any prior music experience. 

Mubert: mubert.com - Mubert is a platform that generates unique AI-driven personalized music in real-time.

Ecerettmusic: ecrettmusic.com - Royalty free music for creators.

LANDR:  landr.com - It uses AI for music mastering and publishing. It also provides tools for collaboration.

Melodrive: melodrive.com - An AI music engine that can create adaptive music in real-time.

AI Writing and Content Generation Tools

Generaly AGI sites can create good content, but here are some AI Writing and Content Generation Tools

Talk to Transformer: talktotransformer.com - A free demonstration of OpenAI's GPT-2 model. It generates paragraphs of text based on the prompt you give it.

Grammarly: grammarly.com - An AI writing assistant that not only checks for grammatical errors, but also provides suggestions for tone, clarity, engagement, and delivery. It has both free and premium versions.

Writesonic: writesonic.com - An AI-powered writing tool that can help generate high-quality content like blog posts, ads, emails, website content, and more. It has both free and premium versions.

Jasper (formerly Jarvis): jasper.ai - This AI writing assistant can generate content for various needs, from blog posts and emails to ad copy and product descriptions.

Kuki.ai: kuki.ai - An AI writing tool that generates content for blogs, ads, social media, and more.

Copy.ai: copy.ai - An AI platform that assists with content creation for marketing copy, product descriptions, and more.

AI Writer: ai-writer.com - An AI tool that aids in content creation by researching and writing about the inputted topic.

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AI Productivity tools

AI Communication and Collaboration Tools
Drift: drift.com - Offers AI chatbots for automating sales and customer support conversations.
Clara: claralabs.com - An AI-powered tool that can schedule meetings effectively.

AI Project Management and Task Management Tools
ClickUp: clickup.com - A project management tool that utilizes machine learning for predictive analysis.
Zoho Analytics: zoho.com/analytics/ - Offers AI-driven data analytics that can be utilized for project management.

AI Content Creation and Editing Tools
Grammarly: grammarly.com - An AI writing assistant that provides real-time grammar and style corrections.
Canva: canva.com - A design tool that uses AI to provide design suggestions and ready-made templates.

AI Data Analysis and Reporting Tools
Tableau: tableau.com - A data visualization tool that uses AI for predictive analysis and automated reporting.
RapidMiner: rapidminer.com - A data science platform that utilizes AI for advanced predictive analytics.

AI Time Management and Focus Tools
RescueTime: rescuetime.com - Uses AI to provide insights into your daily habits and helps in increasing productivity.
Todoist: todoist.com - A task management tool that employs AI to set intelligent reminders.

AI Sales and CRM Tools
Salesforce Einstein: salesforce.com - An AI layer on the Salesforce CRM for predictive insights, automation, and recommendations.
Zendesk: zendesk.com - Offers AI-powered customer support services.

AI Learning and Development Tools
Coursera: coursera.org - An online learning platform that uses AI for personalizing the learning experience.
LinkedIn Learning: linkedin.com/learning/ - Uses AI to recommend courses based on your interests and career path.

AI Logo and Website creating Tools
Looka: looka.com - Looka uses AI to help design logos based on preferences for colors, styles, and symbols.

Tailor Brands: tailorbrands.com - Tailor Brands uses AI to create unique logos based on a brief questionnaire. 

Hatchful by Shopify: hatchful.shopify.com - This is a free online logo maker that's straightforward and easy to use, with AI features to suggest designs.

Squarespace Logo Maker: squarespace.com/logo-maker - Squarespace's logo maker uses AI to simplify the design process.

Wix ADI: wix.com/adi - Wix's ADI asks you questions about what you want in a website and then uses that data to create a site for you.

Firedrop: firedrop.ai - Firedrop uses AI to handle the design of your website automatically. 

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AI SEO tools

BrightEdge: brightedge.com - BrightEdge uses AI to offer insights and recommendations for improving website content and performance. It helps you understand what content to build and how to optimize it for the best results.

MarketBrew: marketbrew.com -  MarketBrew is a search engine modeling platform that uses AI to simulate search engine algorithms. It provides in-depth insights into your SEO efforts and predicts how changes to your website will affect its ranking.

SEMRush: semrush.com - SEMRush's SEO tools, such as its Keyword Magic Tool, use AI to help you find the best keywords for your content. It offers comprehensive solutions for SEO, including backlink analysis, site audit, rank tracking, and more.

Clearscope: clearscope.io -  Clearscope uses AI to provide keyword and content suggestions that will help your content rank higher. It simplifies the process of content optimization for SEO.

CanIRank: canirank.com - CanIRank is an AI SEO software designed to provide specific action recommendations rather than just data. It helps identify opportunities to improve rankings and attract more organic traffic.

Surfer SEO: surferseo.com - Surfer SEO uses AI to analyze key on-page elements based on the data from the top-ranking pages and provides guidelines on how to alter your content and optimize your pages.

INK: inkforall.com - INK is an AI-powered writing assistant focused on SEO. It offers real-time recommendations to optimize your content while you're writing.

Frase: frase.io - Frase uses AI to identify the questions your audience is asking and create content tailored to those questions, improving your SEO performance.

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AI Google Ads tools

WordStream: wordstream.com - WordStream uses AI to provide insights, optimizations, and recommendations for your Google Ads campaign. It also offers a free AdWords performance grader.

Adzooma: adzooma.com - Adzooma uses AI to analyze and optimize your Google Ads campaigns. It can highlight opportunities, provide actionable recommendations, and allow you to apply changes with one click.

Kenshoo: kenshoo.com - Kenshoo uses machine learning to optimize bidding in Google Ads, aiming to improve campaign performance.

Optmyzr: optmyzr.com - Optmyzr uses AI for automating Google Ads tasks, improving account structure, and optimizing keywords, bids, and ads.

Acquisio: acquisio.com - Acquisio offers an AI-powered bid and budget management system that automates many Google Ads tasks to improve campaign performance.

Marin Software: marinsoftware.com - Marin Software uses machine learning to optimize bidding and forecast performance in Google Ads campaigns.

QuanticMind: quanticmind.com - QuanticMind uses AI and machine learning for predictive advertising, aiming to optimize performance in Google Ads campaigns.

Cobiro: cobiro.com - Cobiro uses AI to automate the creation and optimization of Google Ads campaigns, making it more accessible for small businesses and those new to PPC.

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AI Social media tools

Hootsuite: hootsuite.com - Hootsuite uses AI to determine the best time to schedule posts, curate content, and provide insights into social media strategy.

Buffer: buffer.com - Buffer's AI feature can analyze follower activity to determine the most effective times to post.

Sprout Social: sproutsocial.com - Sprout Social uses AI to provide insights into audience behavior and optimal posting times.

NetBase: netbase.com - NetBase uses AI for social media listening and analytics, providing detailed insights into customer sentiment and brand perception.

Cortex: meetcortex.com - Cortex uses AI to analyze past social media performance and make content recommendations.

Shutterstock: shuuerstock.com -  uses AI to predict creative performance, helping you optimize social media ads for better results.

Buzzsumo: buzzsumo.com - Buzzsumo uses AI for content discovery, influencer identification, and content insights, helping to improve your social media strategy.

Brandwatch: brandwatch.com - An AI-powered consumer insights platform that can analyze social media posts to understand consumer opinions and trends.

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AI tools for cybersecurity

Darktrace: darktrace.com - Darktrace uses AI to automatically detect and respond to cyber threats in real time. It is known for its self-learning AI technology that understands 'normal' behavior of every user and device in the network and detects deviations that can indicate a cyber threat.

CrowdStrike: crowdstrike.com - CrowdStrike's Falcon platform uses AI to provide endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyber attack response services.

Cylance: cylance.com - Now a part of BlackBerry, Cylance uses AI to predict, detect, and prevent cyber threats, including complex malware and ransomware that can evade traditional antivirus software.

SentinelOne: sentinelone.com - SentinelOne uses AI to automate endpoint security. Its platform can predict malicious behavior across all vectors, rapidly eliminate threats with a fully-automated incident response, and adapt defenses against the most advanced cyber attacks.

Deep Instinct: deepinstinct.com - Deep Instinct uses deep learning, a type of AI, for threat prevention. Its deep learning framework can predict, prevent, and analyze cyber attacks at any touchpoint of the organization from the endpoint to the network.

Check Point Software: checkpoint.com - Check Point's cybersecurity solutions incorporate AI to detect and prevent cyber attacks on cloud, network, and mobile devices.

Fortinet: fortinet.com - Fortinet's FortiGuard AI is a self-evolving threat detection system that uses machine learning to identify and assess threats.

FireEye: fireeye.com - FireEye uses AI and machine learning in its Helix Security Platform to automate threat detection and response.

Cybereason: cybereason.com - Cybereason's Defense Platform uses AI to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats, providing complete visibility and actionable threat detection.

Vectra: vectra.ai - Vectra's Cognito platform uses AI to detect hidden cyber attacks in real time and empower threat hunters to perform data-driven investigations

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AI Portfolio Manager Tools

Wealthfront: wealthfront.com - automated investment service firm that offers software-based financial advice and planning. It uses AI to provide various services like tax-loss harvesting, direct indexing, and financial planning. 

Betterment: betterment.com - Known as a robo-advisor, Betterment uses AI and algorithms to manage portfolios and offers services such as retirement planning, advising, and investing.

SigFig: sigfig.com - SigFig uses AI to provide portfolio management services, offering features such as automatic rebalancing, tax-efficient investment strategies, and dividend reinvestment. 

Personal Capital: personalcapital.com - While Personal Capital provides human advisors for high-level decisions, they employ AI for the finer aspects of portfolio management and financial planning.

Alpaca: alpaca.markets - Alpaca is a platform that provides API for stock trading. It is geared towards developers and traders who wish to automate their trading strategies.

RobustWealth: robustwealth.com - A digital wealth management platform that provides automated portfolio management, client risk assessments, rebalancing, and trading.

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AI Stock Market Tools

BM Watson: ibm.com/watson - IBM's Watson is known for its predictive capabilities in various domains. Some financial firms use Watson for its machine learning capabilities to predict market trends.

Alpaca:  alpaca.markets - Alpaca offers a trading platform that developers and quantitative traders can use to create their own algorithms for stock trading, including forecasting algorithms.

Kavout: kavout.com - Kavout's Kai Score uses machine learning to analyze a broad range of data, including traditional financial data and alternative data, to provide stock rankings.

EidoSearch: eidosearch.com - EidoSearch uses machine learning and predictive analytics to provide insights into future price movement and risk.

AlphaSense: alpha-sense.com - AlphaSense is a search engine that uses AI to scan financial documents, news, and research reports. It can be used to inform trading decisions rather than making direct predictions.

Sentient Investment Management: sentientim.com - This firm uses AI to manage portfolios and make trading decisions. Their technology includes predictive analytics capabilities.

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AI tools for People with disabilities

Microsoft's Seeing AI: microsoft.com/en-us/seeing-ai - A mobile app designed for the visually impaired. Using computer vision, it describes the world around the user, identifying objects, people, and text.

Google's Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications: g.co/livetranscribe - Live Transcribe converts speech into text in real time, making it useful for individuals with hearing impairments. Sound Notifications make Android phones listen to critical sounds around you, like fire alarms or door knocks, and notify you via push notifications or vibrations.

Ava: ava.me - Ava uses AI to provide real-time captioning services on smartphones, making conversations more accessible for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Voiceitt: voiceitt.com - Voiceitt uses AI to help people with speech impairments communicate more effectively. The app learns and adapts to each individual's unique speech patterns.

EyeControl: eyecontrol.co.il - This AI-powered device offers communication capabilities for individuals with locked-in syndrome, ALS, or other conditions that inhibit motor control. The wearable device tracks eye movements to allow users to communicate.

OpenAI's GPT-3: openai.com - OpenAI's powerful language model, GPT-3, can assist individuals with disabilities in various ways. For example, it can be used to build communication tools, assist in learning, or help in creating more accessible software.

Brilliant Minds Foundation's The AI for Accessibility Project: brilliantmindsfoundation.org - This project aims to use AI to increase accessibility in various fields, including employment and daily communication.

Apple's VoiceOver: apple.com/accessibility - A gesture-based screen reader, VoiceOver tells you what’s happening on your screen and helps users navigate, even if they can't see the screen.


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